Trackman leads the world in measuring both ball flight and golf club data. Trackman is responsible for rewriting the laws of ball flight over the last 10-15 years.


Using 2 radars, one focuses on the MOVEMENT OF THE CLUBHEAD THROUGH IMPACT whilst the other concentrates on HOW THE BALL FLIES. Trackman measures what the angle of the club face is doing through impact which is almost totally responsible for the initial launch direction of the ball.


It is a common misconception that the ball flight (direction, curvature, Spins and distance) does not tell the true reason for its flight!! YOU MUST HAVE 3D CLUB DATA TO SOLVE THE PUZZLE!!!


Trackman has a vast array of benefits and will help ALL STANDARDS OF PLAYERS


Trackman measures both how far you carry the ball through the air and total roll.


Knowing exactly how far you hit every club in your bag from Driver, through the irons and if more importantly the wedges will dramatically improve your course management and decision making to score better.


How fast you swing the club can be directly related to how far you can potentially hit the ball. Trackman measures both clubhead speed and ball speed.


The Trackman optimizer feature enables you to find the most efficient way of hitting the ball to your full potential. Many of us try to hit the ball harder when in fact, we should focus on hitting it better. The Optimizer feature is there to provide invaluable information on how to make you a more efficient golfer and works an assistant to make an informed decision on whether you need to improve your golf swing technique and or possibly change to a more suitable fitted club. It doesn’t rely on an opinion, its transparent and plain to see. An absolute must for any player interested in improving.