Short Game

Fast track your actually scoring by learning and improving you Chipping, Pitching and Bunker Play.


We are all aware of the importance of the short game but have a tendency to be sometimes to preoccupied by our golf swing and how we are striking the ball!!!


The short game is so often overlooked and left out as the poor relation as “its only short shots….i’m ok with those”. In reality, its the finesse short shots of your game that my actually and probably will make the greatest change on the score card. After all, there is no reason why the average golfer cannot physically learn and produce an outstanding repertoire of shots around the green as there is very little strength and superior speed required but key fundamental technique is a prerequesit!!!


Short game lessons cover all aspects from pitching up to 100 yards through to fringe shots around the green.



Short game lesson structure

Discussion and outline of recent history and tendencies


Observation of your chosen shot situation and particular club selection. We all have a favourite wedge loft or prefer certain types of short game shots where others can often “increase the heart rate”!!! Lets tackle those situations!!!


Learning how to plan the balls journey, understanding Flight v’s Roll, choosing the correct Landing Spot and which Club to use in key areas.


Understanding how the club works for you and the difference in loft and bounce of the wedges themselves.


Implementing correct fundamental points of alignment, ball position, weight distribution and hand position for all shots discussed.


Swing direction, length of swing and general swing tempo required for the various shots required with more finesse will lead to more precision and “Fast Track” your scoring.