Short Game Golf Schools

Enjoy the luxury of continuous coaching and grab your game by the scruff of the neck!!  My Golf school packages offer various programmes which will cover all aspects of the game from Short Game only schools through to total game analysis from full swing through to on course playing days.


I/2 day Short Game School

Fast track  – this school is focused on players of all abilities who are looking to learn the key fundamentals of short game or develop a clear idea of how the short game can radically improve your scorecard.  Suitable for those who have attended a short game session in the past and are keen to follow up what they have learned.



  • Warm up and assessment of where your short game is at
  • Key challenges:
  • Explanation/demonstration of high and low shots.
  • Three parts of the wedge.
  • Decision making/best shot selection
  • Fundamentals of how to play key shots around the green.
  • How best to practice your short game.

1/2 day School 4 hrs duration


Location: Hillside Golf Club


*If you can form your own group I am happy to arrange a suitable date.


Need more info please email -



New dates to be announced soon.



9.30am – 1.30pm (4 hours)


Spaces limited so early booking essential. If you would like to form your own group, please call or email with preferred dates.


Half Day Short Game School £129.00 per person