Gareth is the Lead Coach at Hillside Golf Club.  An Elite County Coach, Coach to International players and ranked Top 50 contributor to leading golf magazine Todays Golfer.

His main objective is to remain close to golfs roots and is proud to teach all standards of player by the services he offers, from developing golf swing technique through to building short game skills and beyond. With over 25 years experience coaching all standards, the ethos is to help golfers gain a simple understanding of what they need to do in order to play better and enjoy the game. With that in mind its vital he approaches you as an individual and finds your best way to see improvement!!!

Gareth uses the very latest cutting edge technology where necessary to produce clear and simple evidenced based coaching with high speed video with graphics, ground reaction Force Plates, Trackman Radar Launch Monitor and 3D Analysis using K-motion and Hackmotion sensors with softwear.