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Through this challenging time we are asked daily to make changes in our usual habits and procedures which can often move us out of our comfort zone.  Whilst we adapt to those changes, new thoughts and ways of doing things can lead to improved procedures or more convenient ways of doing things.

With this in mind I have put together a range of online coaching options for both existing pupils and those far away.  For those still striving to improve, please see my new online 1-2-1 online lesson options.

If you are unsure of what to expect or wish to receive more information, please email me direct on
I am offering Online Lessons for those golfers wanting to improve remotely.

Using the world leading CoachNow app, will allow both yourself and Gareth to work seamlessly side by side through your smart phone to share video, side by side comparisons, add voice over suggestions and share thoughts, feels and notes to move your game rapidly in the right direction.

Using CoachNow allows us to improve and train every department of your game and helps you file all your golf information in one place…it’s your personal golf manual..on your phone!!!

All sessions will operate via the CoachNow app which is free to all online pupils.
1 x lesson via CoachNow app £35:00
3 x lessons via CoachNow app £99:00 
5 x lesson Programme via CoachNow app £199:00
      5 lesson programme includes initial Face Time or Zoom consultation (by appointment)
      Free CoachNow app

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How it works
Once payment has been received, you will receive an email from me inviting you into your own FREE CoachNow personal space.

You will be able to easily upload your swing, short game or putting stroke right from your smartphone and send over for analysis.

No need to have access to the Driving Range, Golf Course or outside area (Although this is ideal) – You can even film your swing in your own home if that is the only opportunity!!!

Send over your swing and Gareth will send a full analysis in various forms for you to learn within 24hrs!!!

Remember, you may be looking for some course strategy advice, practice plans or training drills….its not all about technique!! its all available on the app.

See Gareth Benson Golf Academy membership upgrade with CoachNow

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